A mystical and majestic site located in line with the Peruvian archeological monument Chavin de Huantar. It is designed similarly to the monument in that the concept and structure revolve around nature. The unique buildings are constructed of stone, wooden trunks, and adobe, which creates a natural and

contemplative, ideal environment for reflection, group cohesion, deepening understanding, and facilitation of spiritual growth. Situated in relation to the movements of constellations , observing the path of the sun and moon, it allows us to appreciate the constellations: Andean cross, serpent and Siete Cabrillas.

ANCESTRAL HIGHLANDS is a space created for those seeking to delve into the amazing Andean culture of Peru and its ancestors. It is especially created for traditional ceremonies, concerts with ancient instruments and sounds, and performing rituals on the

equinoxes and solstices. It also offers educational programs on the Andean cosmovision for traveling guests and local residents. In essence, it seeks to promote worldwide the richness of ancient Peru through knowledge and experience of ancestral traditions.

It is located west of the UNESCO archeological site of Chavin de Huantar, in the province of Huari, in the eastern Cordillera of the department of Ancash - Peru.